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Favouritism: Family Guy
Wednesday, June 29, 2011 | 6/29/2011 09:14:00 AM |

Well I'm thinking about blogging today...
It's 4:24Pm of... 28 June... Life's kinda boring sometime when you have the same routine to do each and every single day... That’s why I choose blogging to express how I really feel about this! I’ve just watched some of my all-time favourite shows…

Thanks to my brother for introducing us to this very hilarious comedy shows… I refused to watch an episode at first but then I knew I have to watch it when all of my siblings were talking the sarcasm out…  I love the show since and I’ve missed 3 of their seasons until now… I’m trying to download all 3 of them when I have that time… Surely I’m never going to miss one here forth… 

The story is about an American family living the life with a retarded father, a very caring mother, a daughter whom they called hideous, a brother of what I think too stupid and never gonna grow up, an evil child with an extraordinarily IQ, and a dog who can talk… I love the dog yes I do… He’s such an inspirational… Don’t know anything about him though but instead of loving that stupid retarded old-enough guy I rather worship the dog… 
I hate Peter Griffin! He’s such a sick stupid fuck (sometimes he would come out with a quality of deed too but I still hate him).

Family guy really turns my gears on… Although there’s too much sarcasm I have to suck out but it didn’t really catch my attention… What important is their spirit of togetherness… No wonder Seth has chosen Family Guy as a very terrific title for their shows… Cause it’s all about family and how they correlate with each other the best… Conflict is a usual thing for a happy family so you might find some of those in the shows… I am very sorry for those who bought the irony of the shows seriously but hey, it’s just a cartoon show… Nobody’s gonna take it seriously – not for the educational part.

I would like to say thanks to my brother for letting us get into with this show! It surely has a whole bunch sense of humour… I love this show and I would watch it every night before I go to sleep just in case I know I’m having a very terrific and the coolest family in the world!
I love family guy!

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