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Zee Avi brings me Déjà vu
Wednesday, June 29, 2011 | 6/29/2011 02:11:00 PM |
Listening to songs from Zee Avi, one of my favourite singer. I’m proud of her, she’s a Malaysian – specifically came from Borneo island just like me and the difference is that she has an international nice voice. I love her choice of songs, her look, and her voice of course. They’re totally marvellous and terrific! I never knew until last Friday that I’ve missed some of her songs since the past years.
I’m talking about ‘slow hands’, ‘I wish I never’, and ‘somebody you used to know’. God I must have missed all her shows but thanks to the power of the internet, I’m afraid I have learned my lesson here. Her next album - Ghostbird will come out on 23rd of August this year and I’m looking forward to own it. Can’t wait! There’s a site which allows me to download one of her newest single, The book of Morris Johnson but I have forgotten the link address. You can just Goggle it if you think you’re interested.
I can still remember last year…
In this very same month, I have downloaded some of her songs via YouTube and I used to play it loudly in the kitchen. The songs were ‘Monte’, ‘I am me once more’, and ‘Darlin’ it ain’t easy’ and of course ‘poppy’... Such a very reminiscent moment I finally believed in Déjà vu.
P/s: I love poppy the most… The lyric was meaningful.
All I’m talking about is…
You should hear her I wish I never. It will totally chill your heart out ‘cause the song  is full of relaxation and moody blues. You’re gonna love it when you love Zee Avi herself. Well if you’re looking for a happy-going song, check out her newest single!

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