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9 things I have in mind
Sunday, July 03, 2011 | 7/03/2011 07:02:00 AM |
Oh my GOD!
I’m so into blogging but occasionally I don’t have anything to write on.
I’ve just watched my Family guy season 7 collections – finished downloading it all the day before yesterday but didn’t have much time to watch. I’m so bored right now though I have a lot of thing to do but let’s just wait till I got enough sources to be referred.  This term is going to be a tough one I bet. There’s a lot of camping we need to put on schedule. I am so not into this!
I’m still designing my blog appearance because I’m not really satisfied when there’s a little mistake on it. My friends have all reconstructed theirs and it’s time for me to do mine.  Here, take a brief list on what’s on my mind right now. I need to remember them all:
  1. I have a blanket that smells like my cat’s litter.
  2. I own a match which my brother gave me (it’s not that special but I love it because it’s like a present he gave).
  3. I bought a new perfume and it’s called ESCAPE. I like the smell because it reminds me of my 15 years old hood.
  4. I’m using an old styled Nokia phone – I love it because it eases my communication.
  5. I bought a brand new stereo enabled enormous headphone. The last time I have one was broken when the wires got stuck in my dad’s door car without me noticing it and when I got home I couldn’t connect it to my lap top. All that left was just a scratched end of the connectors.
  6. I’m thinking about quitting smoking so I was reaching in the line of a business man who posted an ad about this electronic cigarette. I’m planning to order some of them not thinking how much will it cost. I’m tired of harming my lungs. I appreciate myself as much as how it looks and that is why I have to take good care of them.
  7. My personality is stolen by a disappointing Peter Griffin look alike (I’m going to post something about this so stay tuned).
  8. I haven’t called my family for the past 2 days so today I called my brother and believe or not they went mangasok again without me being there. Holy crap! So... my mother just called me asking if I’m fine… Well, I love my mother for being so caring. I said I’m sorry for not calling them – I’m so busy recently. Am I a filthy child? Shit! I’m the present Si Tenggang, ain’t I?
  9. Last week my village was haunted by this monster we called Balan-balan. I heard a lot of stories about it and I’m still confused if it’s true or not.
That’s the only thing I can remember right now. Still on my brain for next.

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