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It all ends - Harry Potter
Friday, July 22, 2011 | 7/22/2011 09:20:00 AM |
Now that I’ve watched the last Harry Potter’s movie I would like to make my own review. Of course I have least expectation from it because I’ve read the book back then but it was all a bit of surprise that everything is totally out of what I’ve imagined. The fact that the movie has been put into very splendid effects made it so realistic cannot be opposed. The entire shiny thing coming from everyone’s sticks seems so capturing. Not forgotten, the ogres, the giant snake and spiders etc etc, would really amazed children as if it really exists.  They’ve made my movie night so pleasurable. JK Rowling’s writings have let me feel the theme thoroughly though because of the details it has. That is why I have to argue that this movie is not a whole.

At the ending (which I concern most), Harry’s children should have been evoke their names to remember Albus and Snape’s deeds and sacrifices. Harry’s son looks like Justin Bieber but that’s not a point for me to hate the movie. LOL

Let me see, Neville is supposed to be a professor for Hogwarts, Minerva changed position with Albus being the headmaster of the school, Malfoy should have been an outcast person at the train and so forth. I think the ending will bring a lot of wastes for the movie that’s why they cut it.
Snape’s death has brought the most melancholic feeling. His love for Harry’s mother has never endured. I have to fast it forward a bit that when I realized I have to watch their faces all over again. But still I think it will tear your eyes down.

Facts that I never missed their movies and books’ compilation are true. I started watching Potter’s movie when I was around 11-12 (must have been forgotten). I never know it will all end up me watching it here in my hostel. That’s hilarious because I have to watch it all alone without my entire family (just like when we watched The Philosophers’ stone). Well, seasons changed and so do I.


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