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Sunday, July 31, 2011 | 7/31/2011 11:32:00 AM |
Last camping changed me a lot... But first, silence my blog theme song and take a few minutes to listen to this song...

Now that I realized I'm so far away from the illumination of God, my heart is longing for him just like the deer who panteth for the water. I know my life has changed since I entered my college that I've been too busy with all the assignments given and of course the activities advocated. But when I think of it, it was just an excuse I've made to get astray from his guidance.

Life as a worshiper isn't so hard but why didn't I see the light?
I have been too selfish I controlled my life all by myself. Truly, my mind is all unconscious. Thanks to last week’s camping, with all the praises, worships, and prayers during morale sessions, my heart opened to receive the love of God once again. Survival of an undergraduate for about 3 years really turns my wheel down. I have to go with the flow of others and that accommodates me to keep flowing with the streams. Well that’s not always true. If you sooner realized the stream brings you to nothing but the deeper side of the darkness, you shouldn’t be too uncertain to go back to the beginning of everything. Even if you have to fight the strong current force, keep yourself determined and just think of God and those who love you most: Family.

Our Father in heaven, who watches his children without knowing what hatred is. I’m conveying my repentance over you now that I realized I shouldn’t turn my back on you. Please take my life again, shape me as what have you done before. Touch my soul with all your grace. Guide me through this darkness and let me live the world just like what you wanted. Amen.

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