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Ring, Reasons and Relationship
Wednesday, August 03, 2011 | 8/03/2011 10:25:00 PM |
Before reading my post, I would like you to answer a simple poll I've created yesterday just in case you're having a different view from my perspective. Here you go...

What comes to your mind when you saw your CRUSH wears a ring?
In a relationship
Single but pretending to have a partner
Waiting for a proposal
Don't wanna be disturbed
Why not asking? free polls

Thank you...
And yes... Today's post will all going to be about jewelery... I've bought another ring this semester and I hope I can take a good care of it till it's missing again just like the old one I had long time ago. Now, I'm not a person who likes jewelery a lot. I tend to wear a ring because it looks cool and matured enough but this time I have my own reason.

And that reason is because of the commitment I have in myself. I was once told by my friend that ring will make you stronger facing your desires i.e it makes you more faithful seeing something more concrete when you need strength. I second the motion!
I used to think that people who wears a ring is just another rich person wannabe. In this case, I'm being too subjective. I'm sure not a lot of people will agree with this and I respect your thought.

I bought this ring to make an impression that I'm obliged to something and that something is so so special I have to take care of so I won't lose it.

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