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But I'm just a day dreamer or One of those hopeless believers
Thursday, September 08, 2011 | 9/08/2011 12:11:00 AM |
I've just finished doing one of the most important PPT to be presented tomorrow. I am not really aware of what have I written but I'll do my best tomorrow, it's just a 10 minutes presentation anyway! Poker face~

Listening again to the song: Life is okay, is making me Homesick terribly right now. I can still remember what have my siblings and I were doing last week. If it's not watching movies, we'll be watching episodes of Family guy or my sister and I could have been blogging by now. Sigh~

I can still smell the scent of coffee I've made with her... we could have been laughing sitcoms right now or my youngsters and I would be playing online games...

"But I'm just a day dreamer... One of those hopeless believers"
Homesick is a very torturing feeling for me... I can not still believe I have undergone almost 3 years and a half (or so) of my life here in the middle of nowhere.
"I think about those days gone by... There was nothing but you and I"
Yeah~ there would've been no one but us. I'm just not feeling comfortable starting my studies with this feeling.
"I'm standing on the outside looking in"

It feels like I'm standing outside of the house looking straight in and watching my family doing their routines but still, I can not even knock on the door for them to let me in and join them. Homesick feels just like that!

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