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Christmas Preparation~ #2
Monday, September 26, 2011 | 9/26/2011 09:25:00 PM |
Nos qui daret nobis vitam colas. Qui mortuus propter peccata nostra et protege nos a malo.

Ut gaudium et pax Christi esse apud vos modo et per novus annus. Ambuletis donum fidei, spei et benedictionem eius amore pacis at semper eleifend. Benedictiones Nobis nunc et semper vobiscum. Pax et benedictio tua sit munus tuum ad Natale per totum annum.
Still remember my last year's post at this exact time? And as if you can see, I'm going to make wishes again for my very upcoming White Christmas this year... Why so? Because I am still listening to Zee Avi's No Christmas and this is an annual tradition I've made for my Blog. Let it snow!

Occasionally, there's still another few months before Christmas and I would like to repost my wish last year: Hoping for a very glorious felicity Christmas for my family this year... and as an additional desires list, I hope for changes.

My wish last year was made granted because my family was there when I celebrated the glorious day - in Penampang. Enjoyed full day with the beautiful scenery of Kota Kinabalu and the nearby residential area. Thank God.

Next thing, to lighten up my upcoming Christmas moods, I shall post some of my favourite songs here - and these songs should be turned on as the Christmas bells ring this year.

P/s: almost all of the songs come from The Celtic Woman, it's just that I love their voices because they sound like an Angel.

and my most favourite:

My dream on Christmas this year (just like the one I used to know :):

and one from the Glee casts:

I hope it's not too early to lighten up your spirit receiving the Son of God's birth!
What's your preparation?

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