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Life is OKAY...
Tuesday, September 06, 2011 | 9/06/2011 04:40:00 PM |
First post for September 2011...

There's something about my Blog song and I really want to say thanks to my sister for introducing me to it. I've been repeating this song since I heard it thoroughly last night.
It's a song from Michael Johns and Brooke White (whom I don't really know who they are) but surely I'm loving Mike Johns's voice. Here's the lyric I made in a picture format:

Last Saturday, my siblings and I were sitting on the bench outside of our house for we have nothing to do (in Tambunan) and she eventually played this song. I asked once I heard it started because it really relaxed my mind. Did it to yours?

It's a love song, isn't it? Well, what do I care... I really love the rhythm and I love the title and I love the voice of the singer... Briefly, I love everything about it! In case I have already change my Blog song, I'm going to share it again for my future reference :

And again, thanks to my Sister for letting me having this song.. I love ya!

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