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Dear Moon and Sun
Monday, October 31, 2011 | 10/31/2011 11:25:00 PM |
I have my siesta this evening and when I woke up, the crescent greeted me with all delight. It set so fast though but I can still sense its golden rays. The moon really been so accommodating during the past days. It has been there for every night time even though I'm not aware of it. I just love how faithful it was. I checked the calender and supposed new moon should be in the junction. That surprised me a lot. Dear crescent, why are you still there? You don't have to keep waiting to set.

I enjoyed sunset scenery when I was in the bus this day. The illumination of the sun can barely penetrate the windows' glasses. It was yellowish and the clouds were too. Sunset has been with me all 7 hours long and my heart gloom with it. I know it was artificial I know it's not natural. I bought the sell though as long as It comforts. Dear sunset, why gloom my day? You don't have to come all time to say good bye.

11:25 PM
31 October 2011

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