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Romanticisism of the Moon
Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | 10/19/2011 11:25:00 PM |

Moon gazed just a while ago.The next thing I remembered sooner is to have another moon gazing night at an island...

2009 is actually a very memorable year for me. My family and I were on a vacation to one of the island back there in Semporna spending our quality time of that year's ending months together (just like the years before). The night seemed quite bright as the illumination of the full moon shone fairly on the the soft skin of the sand. The reflection of the moonshines been so grace it glared fully swayed by the slowly moving current of the sea and the stars, yes the stars should never be forgotten. They blinked as if thousands of diamonds were spread around the sky, sparkling their shiny cut edges. Such a beautiful creations by God!

These have been into my mind since. It was so beautiful that I spent the night outside sleeping on the bed of the beach gazing how marvelous the scenery was. Next thing I know, I would like to preserve its romance by having another trip like this, and for that shall I be with someone : someone I have in heart to share the moments... someone who appreciates nature just the way it is and someone who has faith in its prudence...

Been searching for a while though...

P/s: Pictures are yet to be uploaded. Missed the album in home...


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