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Al-hijab (2011)
Sunday, November 20, 2011 | 11/20/2011 10:52:00 PM |
Dear Blog,
Before I take my bath I want to tell you everything I've undergone today :)
First thing first, I went to the town today with my parents and my youngest sister. I managed to remember what have I challenged myself and even hough all of my siblings were not around, I thought maybe I've fulfill one of them, right? It's nice to wander around town with my lovely sister and we shopped a lot. Most things were for me though LOL. My sister liked it as I could see - I hope I didn't teach her how to shop-a-lot and waste money. Bad brother!

And now we're watching movie, Al-Hijab. A Malay ghost movie acted by my all time most favourite actor : Pierre Andre (and some people said he looks just like me LOL) Bragging rights! F yeah! I wonder if hijjab can be taken away as in the movie cause I think I might have one. It's not a nice thing exactly to feel them (ehem~) without having the ability to see anything... Btw, I like the movie even though it didn't scare me much. I hate its ending as it tangled too.

I've already formatted my lap top (again) and I chose Windows Vista this time. Can't actually fix my disappearing taskbar problems and Vista makes my lappy slower and slower. Looks like I have to find another alternative to fix this s**t.

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