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Christmas ain't it without you
Saturday, November 26, 2011 | 11/26/2011 01:34:00 PM |
I'm sitting on the couch still waiting for you,
It's snowing outside, colors me blue.
The fire place has been warm and it's nearly two.
Where are you? Don't you miss me too?

It's the Christmas eve and I'm all alone,
Thinking of you, where have you gone?
The snow man we made has still not done,
and the lights are flickering I let it on.

Dinner has served but it's getting cold,
You'll not be late I remembered you told,
Our mistletoe we hang is shining gold,
It's our night you said, I'll keep it hold.

It's not Christmas when I'm without you...
and even the Christmas tree looks like a yew.
Wine is served but I'll be waiting,
and the carols are playing for us to sing.

Christmas ain't it without you

It's a sad Christmas poem, hope that won't mind.. It just comes naturally from my mind. I should thank my junior for inviting me to this contest. Click HERE to find out more...  Now I have followed her since she created her blog, composed a poem as the above, and for the third regulation:
Christmas means jolly for Christ was born and our family gathering is always a must.

And for the tagging stuff to continue, I'll let these to know:
  1. Amarantha
  2. Lv
  3. Mi sister
  4. Dera
  5. Francis Dakun
  6. Fiona
  7. Tiara Dryden
  8. Andrealiciouse
  9. You who read this~

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