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Glee Holiday
Saturday, November 19, 2011 | 11/19/2011 06:36:00 AM |
Arrived my village nearly at 4 this morning and I haven't sleep yet. Enough having rest during the past 7 hours in the bus. The moon was so pale (as usual) but it's half moon. Such lovely. Since everyone have already fall asleep, I decided to download the latest Glee episode - Mash off. Watched it just now and I like how their conflicts grow up. LOL but I'm not going to write it here, better watch it yourself.

But the slushy thing is an old news.. I just like the version :)

Next thing, I've already own The Glee Second Christmas Album, Volume 2 which contained 11 great numbers, except I don't really like some of them. I heard 2 of the songs came originally from them, haven't listened yet though but I like their cover on "Little drummers boy".

Not forgotten this:

and this:

Which is an original song! 5 stars for my upcoming Christmas!

Now, for this season, I've owned 3 complete best Christmas albums ever!

Thinking about owning The Celtic Women's...

P/s: Btw, this is shocking me but they've already fulfill one of my challenges: to own a new puppy. OMG!

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