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Holidays Summary
Friday, November 18, 2011 | 11/18/2011 12:00:00 PM |
I've got much to talk about and most of them are just babbles.. Mummble~ mumbble~ What important is I'll be home this evening and my holidays would mean nothing if I don't try to forget S**ts I should have been a long time ago. Let my baby steps begin this holiday to start fresh and be renewed. Padahal, the only thing I have in my mind right now is to merempit as far as I can.

I'll not be using my Celcom number this holiday (planning to do so) and if any emergencies are yet to exist, please RSVP my digi number (but the line are for private uses only). Not my problem! Emergencies should be it. If I must know something importante, please try yourself hard to find me (as if~)
Well actually holidays are the only part in my life where I can have my privacy most of the time without people asking me to do things I totally dislike. Plus, every time I'm spending is so precious I should never waste it!

.:Siaran tergendala:.

Okay~ Just have fetched my friends to their driver. Where have I lost?... Seen the Angry bird too (I think for the last time). I hope I can forget that ASAP. That's a holiday I'm talking about!

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