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Sleepy hollow
Tuesday, December 13, 2011 | 12/13/2011 02:37:00 AM |
It's nearly 3 in the morning and I have nothing to do.. I am so free right now despite the activities I've planned for my holiday. Waiting for my java installer to finish downloading cause I am so into the needs of playing Minecraft... Terrible graphic of that shit but I just love the gameplay. Been introduced by non other than my little brother and my sister started playing it before I did. Well then, temperature is still dropping and my body is nearer to freezing. Y U NO DOWNLOAD FASTER?!

Btw, dear blog I have to reinstall a newer windows version in my lap top. And the blaming awards should go for Explorer.exe for keeping to restart while I was minding my own business! And now I am using a Windows 7 installation with 64-bit of version (which I dislike) in here. I think it's the only version that suits my lap top RAM and the original setting. I hope it won't mind again processing memories from every applications I've installed here. Please do your job! Thank you.

I've watched sleepy hollow this night (finally!). I've been keeping it the day I could remember when the rest of the house keeps bla3-ing about the damn movie. I love the time setting and of course credits for the language they're using. Not forgotten the investigation story I have to figure out before its ends and the actors and actress they've chosen to play their role (Johnny Depp and christina Ricci). P/s: The movie was based on Tim Burton's. I bet you know who he is! Fantastico, Tim Burton! As expected!

Holiday is so fun! I could be like this forever! LOL

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