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Friday, January 06, 2012 | 1/06/2012 09:16:00 AM |
Woke up early today...

Thank God my homesickness didn't strike me badly this morning (just like last year). I was hoping for a good day and still am hoping now.... Remember I said a lot to post yesterday? Well here I am now, having nothing but to wait for the next lecture. My eagerness is to blog and if that's the only way for me to express my homesickness then be it. Talking about my brother... Yeah I hope he'll be able to make it this March. I hate the fact that we live in the same house but never have the chance to meet when it's holiday. My siblings would be a total mass incomplete if not all of us to gather together again. BTW, I miss him already even though we've been parted 2 days hence forth. Rempit motor jom March and play LOTR like hell yeah! + watch Family guy is always a must too... My brother reminds me much of the dogs back in the house, Judas.. and the new puppy, Junior... When I'm home for the next holiday, I'll remember my brother when I see them. He is so just a dog person.
An example of him XD

Now about my younger sister,
She has been too manja manja lately so every wishes she made has to be granted. LOL... That's a lil bit of annoying but yet to make the perfect brother like I am, genie is all I have to be. Now my sister loves the cats too much. We've been petting 3 cats now and one of them is still a pussy... I mean kitten. I've spent much for those animal's foods last holiday because she asked me to buy one. Well, I may be a cat person but not like... always. I love them only when I think they're adorable enough. Thank God Si Tot really resembles the fat cat from Alice in the wonderland (as been told by my Sister). Last year before the Christmas celebration, I managed to take a bike (heh.. take a bike..) with her. There's limited fuel supply but at least we enjoyed the free public fireworks shows up on the hill very much.

That's should do just fine to resemble her.. :P and this should be me sometimes:

My next younger brother is an introverted person. He barely came out of the house and all he did day and night long was playing video games and Youtubing a bunch of games related video. I think it's just his puberty for he is entering high school this year. Hope all goes well for him and his newly evening school sessions. There's still an advantage of mine with that though, he fixed every troubleshooting shits I'm having with video games and it made me easier handling hard-like video games (which is a part of our holidays' routines). He is just the nerd type but without the typical brain and thick glasses.

My youngest sister is the cutest of all... She's growing even taller than all girls of her age (and she's just entering 12). I tell you how I love her very much, I'm almost all ordering man that I asked (...more to command) her to do this and that quite oftentimes but she's just too patience... too hardworking that she'll never betray us. I just love her jokes... her stories and her laugh... We've been spending our last holidays together playing Harvest moon: Friends of Mineral Town and I'll be taking care of our field crops once in a while when I'm not around her :(

I miss them badly... January please end faster! I want to meet them...
Note: People may describe their feelings as a deep sadness, depression, frustration, anger or hopelessness. (Fisher, S. 1989)

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