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Dear God
Saturday, January 14, 2012 | 1/14/2012 10:39:00 PM |

Please save me from this hatred feeling. Release me from the agony of being annoyed by everything.

I can't control myself from hating everything I thought is bad. This is not normal! I'm mad! but actually don't know what am I mad of or who the hell am I to mad! LOL Freaking funny! So... Recently I've been downloadin lots of of Adele's Someone like you covers. Some are worth to listen to and some are just so so. This reminds me of my holidays cause I've introduced the shadows of Adele's voice back then at my home. My only regret this night is when my brother called me just now and it felt like I talked rudely! WTH me! I should have managed my EQ better tonight.

This is currently one of the best.

I guess I'm sleeping early again this night. I'm so tired of today's activity and I'm all ready to go to church tomorrow.

P/s: I hate the fact that my Physical education's lecturer complicates things more than how simple should a task be done. Please understand that we have practicum to be sit this term!

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