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Ginawo ku kakal poingupus diya
Monday, January 16, 2012 | 1/16/2012 09:33:00 PM |
I'm not really tired today even though I have to come down field this evening together with the rest of the batch for trek marking things but I still I plan on sleeping early to get up comfortably next morning. I continued calling home once a day (it's been twice this day) even I have ended my allocated out given call time. Screw you Digi!

  • My friends and I started gambling who will have to tidy up our leftovers this brunch... It was fun, indeed!
  • Rosary prayers were still continued this night even if there were just 3 of us. God will hear every prayers even if you stand yourself for it alone. Praise Lord!
  • I've watched a few boring movies today that I have to fast them forward to save time. As long as I know how the stories end, that should worth, rotten tomatoes!
  • I ended up wearing the last drop of my perfume today. I cherish my smells... Every scent has its own memory and I could still connect them with my past. I have a strong nose to smell, that's for sure. Maybe I'll buy something more... sober this term.. who knows?
  • I figure myself out to start doing my experiment laboratory reports after I repaired my lap top. It's so uncomfortable doing my assignments when this black shade appears trying to eat the rest of my monitor's area... Please be patient dearest assignments.
Back then,
I'll just want to watch a series of my lullaby shows before I go to bed... It's been long since I meet my HDD again after it was borrowed by my friend. Miss you HDD! Can't wait for Friday XD!!!

P/s: New glee out tomorrow! XD Kinda excited and I forgot to write about this new song I've heard, Carrie Underwood - temporary home. Will review it later... anyway...

Good Night people!

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