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Goodbyes hurt me much
Thursday, January 05, 2012 | 1/05/2012 12:00:00 AM |

You know where I am when you're reading this. I am so depressed due to fact that I have to be in that place I'm studying again. Isn't there any better place I have to go? Sometimes the question lingers in my mind. I don't really like anything about the place (except for meeting lots and lots of good friends around) and believe me the only thing keeps motivating me to go there is because of that and also I have to force myself to have a future of guarantees. I just felt that my hearts belong to a free world, a place where I'm the one to decide what my future has to be.. a place where I could have let my mind be freely flown by the humid air.

There are still another 2 years (4 terms) to hold but it seems hard enough... I miss my home I miss everyone around. Even though they are still the main reason I have to undergo my studies, I just couldn't stand being away form them. It's not actually a mistake to put Family on the top of my priority pyramid, right? They live with me since I was born. Well, here's another year to be hypocrite and I'm almost done.

and please excuse me for choosing such a depressing song for my blog. That's how I feel when goodbyes hurt me much.

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