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Notes for my homesickness
Monday, January 09, 2012 | 1/09/2012 12:59:00 AM |

1 AM of 9 January and I still can't close my eyes (even if I have already watched my current lullaby TV shows which happens to be Family guy). Watched 2 episodes of their 3rd season and I still admire their jokes. Peter Griffin is so freaking funny. Anyway, I've left my blog alone for such a very long time (2 days) because of this problems encountered by the WiFi connections here in my hostel. So, how's my followers been?

It's been a week we have undergone 2012 and everything seems totally fine. I heard that there's national election this year so I think I'm going to register as one (but I just don't know how).
P/s: More holidays?
I'm looking forward to my next holiday, that's the point (which doesn't seem to go with the flow). Somehow the memories of past weeks are still lingering fresh in my mind and I just can still talk about it well. Memories started when we're conscious about what we're doing, that is why I cherish my past more than my future. We knew we have done something in our life that is stays fresh in our mind we can't deny it. I just love to remind myself of my past actions as a way to teach me valuable lessons or perhaps I could just let it be in my treasure box of mind as a precious thought I should never forget.

Maybe things will get right or maybe life is not going to be just as hard as it is today: FAQs of life. We treasure our own days, make it special! Enjoy the moments of happiness or even our own sadness because everything is going to change tomorrow, that's for sure. My journey as an undergraduate is about to end next year. Even if I'm still at the beginning of the second last year, it feels like I'm starting my own ending. I know this life would end and I am totally aware of when should it be. I look forward to that date and all the long way I have to run to that point, I should always appreciate the dramas in it. Goodbyes maybe unacceptable, but there's something even worst: Death. Knock wood dear!

A week of studying feels like years because we're too paying attentions with the time. Just let it ticks, will we? There are 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, keep that in mind. Everything about time is just the same. I sometimes have to remind myself to say this every Sunday " last a week has gone by..." because I think it's better to say that rather than "...why did it have to take that long?...".

Think about it...

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