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Tuesday, February 28, 2012 | 2/28/2012 06:09:00 PM |

Well hello little world,

It's 06:09 Pm of 28 February 2012 and I ought to say that this was so not my day to conquer. I’ve been disdained by some of my peer pressures pep talk. Well some are intended literally and others are not. My mind has been suppressed by my emotion these recent days and all that’s left for me is to let it be. I got to say that I’m not really comfortable with this but I guess life’s just it. Although sports day is just around the corner and realizing I’m one of the committee members, that pep talk I’m talking about has been a very heavy load to carry. Consequently, all I have done this evening was sit and watch.

I’m not into talking bad things about others: that I have to say. I should have realized earlier that I have to get rid of myself from people who like to talk negative things about each other and then live on popularity by spreading those downgrading rumours. It’s hard to believe that I’m all by myself today because of that reason. I don’t really care what society thinks of that kind of attitude. I’m still learning to accept what I have undergone these few years backward. Seriously I don’t have any intention of taking people down to achieve the best in me.

Next thing,

I have to make way for the athletes for their competition preparation this week before I can continue with my daily healthy routine lifestyle I’ve just started. Seriously I’m not a sport man and so I have to stop playing squash and going out for a little walk (or so we say jog) for a while. Plus, I still have my uncontrollable infatuation over someone I should NEVER even think about being an acquaintance with. I know that THIS IS WRONG and I need to distract myself from thinking the same thing all over again. I’ve enough of having the same feeling to manage and realized that it’s exhausting to wait for the same exact answer. Being anxious all of the time is a burden I keep repeating myself to do. Such a foolish mistake.

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