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Thursday, March 08, 2012 | 3/08/2012 08:51:00 AM |
Hello day!
I've watched the last story for one of the best comic I've ever read when I was a child.

I can barely accept the fact that it has long ended and I refuse to read it whenever I have the chance. It feels like I don't want to be separated from the story cause I grew up with it. I have to say it changes the way I see the future world.

And now I'm on the end of my childhood era, I'm still amazed by the adventures they've gone through as if I'm on it. Maybe because I face the same situation with Nobita-kun? Anyway, I'm going to continue reading this even when I'm nearing my last days. This is what I called worth reading.

Thank You Fujio F. Fujiko!

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