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Friday, March 23, 2012 | 3/23/2012 11:14:00 PM |
For manglish post today,
Sudah lama ku meninggalkan blog yang semakin bersawang ini. Not because I'm intended to but I just have no time. Anyway, I'm undergoing my first phase practicum. Life's just to hard and I think I'm not even ready to be an adult. You know... Bangun pagi... kerja.. balik petang... tidur... bangun.. and the same routine diulangi... Penat!

Talking bout my pupils... ah~ what to say... Sudahlah sakit kepala melayan karenah pelajar yang nakal... Dipanggilnya aku masuk kelas mereka lagi. LOL

Btw, it's been a week since I left home. Kinda still missing to go back for more holidays.. and I mean synchronized holidays in which our family reunion will be more than how it supposed to be. Mei, I'm counting on you! 1 minggu dengan kesibukan umpama 1 tahun perjalanan masa! Feels like I just want to quit! Cepatlah tahun depan!

Masih banyak kerja-kerja tertangguh yang perlu disiapkan... I thought I want to finish them today (kalau dapat). Balik hostel and found out bilik samak macam reban. Terpaksalah menambah kerja... K I think that's all for now...

Oh ya before I sign out,
Happy belated birthday to me! Don't expect much fun last birthday but I think shits will just end the next year after. I'm more than confident!

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