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Namun engkau tahu
Saturday, March 17, 2012 | 3/17/2012 01:47:00 AM |
I found my old yellow pages and started to keep in touch with my old fellas again. Some replied and asked me who I am. LOL Well hunting old note books of mine while I was still in my 17-hood was fun. I didn't really understand a thing of what I wrote before (especially Mathematics). Reading them back for 1 more time has made me amazed of myself! FTW!

I remembered this song right after...

Well, this song really do remind of something something something unforgettable. Let's just say the lyrics are so nostalgic and ironic.

Aku tak menyangka
Begini akhirnya cerita indah kita

Sukar tuk percaya
Tergamaknya aku
Menghembus kata itu padamu

Namun engkau tahu
Semua itu
Bukanlah untukku

Aku tahu apa berlaku
Selama ini
Ku pejamkan mata

Tapi sampai bila
Aku kan membisu untukku
Namun engkau tahu ku tetap menyangimu

Heard it on the radio first on Jan, 2008 and I declared it as a theme song for the year. PLEASE JUST READ AND UNDERSTAND THE LYRIC!

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