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Starting to feel Homesick...
Monday, April 16, 2012 | 4/16/2012 09:35:00 PM |
Just a little ranting before I continue doing some of my assignments left. So today I called my luv sister twice. It's been long since I heard her voice so I ended calling her tonight. My credits are pretty low back then cause my students keep smsing me and I called one of them just to make sure they're okay with us teacher trainees not being around the school like the last 4 weeks.

Anyway, I just read my sister's blog and haven't got another news about our pets. I heard Mama Kucing is pregnant again. Waddahell? But she just bore 4 kittens last month! Woaaa! Penuhlah rumah kami sama kucing-kucing sekalian.. LOL

I miss home. I miss my family. Why isn't there any holiday this month?

Picture taken in Tambunan War memorial

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