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And so I hope it went well
Thursday, May 24, 2012 | 5/24/2012 04:56:00 PM |

I've had my examination papers answered. It's been a tiring week that I had 3 papers straight a week to sit for. And now my Semester 5 is finally over, I still have another 3 semesters to act on. BTW, as if you want to know, I sit for SCE3110 paper this semester and that was Earth and Space - Where I have to study the compositions of a tiny stone into something as big as... the UNIVERSE! I like it though... despite all the hard work I did just to understand the stones better LOL. Frankly, I sucked at its exam. I end up answering questions I'm not supposed to. Exhibit A, in section C, I supposed to know better answering the second question. But I did not. I choose to write an essay about this... Shape of earth and this Glazier thing. I'm a real shame to all Stewie's fan! I watch Family Guy daily and I supposed to answer how Big bang theory started! I know how it happens! That's a real shame! Shame on me!

And those Physical education papers... Oh holy cow, I swear I don't believe I answered even a single question correctly. That thing was a torture! I hope I don't fail it. Anyway, my last paper (which I sit for today) was all about language. Now I'm not really confident answering all questions correctly, but I've tried my best. I left some questions tangled up with only a few answers. I'm dying to go back (and all I can think of that time is home... and holiday... and home...) I know I shouldn't left them incomplete but I'm tired. Tired of writing words (even though I know the answers) and tired of waiting the end. I really want it to end and I mean, right now! So there I was. Tying the last paper and gone with the wind. Adios last paper~

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