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Glee's prom-asaurus
Thursday, May 10, 2012 | 5/10/2012 12:33:00 AM |
First of all I'd like to say I watched the latest glee episode: Prom-asaurus. Can't believe I managed to download it after thinking about the episode since the last one before. Anyway, I don't want glee to end. I still love to watch them act and sing. I love to see dramas and reflect them on me (I'd done that). I wanted them to be forever that it's the first showcase I've been never bored of. How much have I said this? I just meant it really.

Rachel is so pretty.. Isn't she?

Who sang 'What makes you beautiful of One direction'

Quinn (as pretty as usual) and the girls are singing Berlin's take my breath away (One of my favourite oldies!) + love you like a lovesong...

Here's how the lovers recalled back their past year's story.

I love how Tina made me so touched by what she said.

You'll be thrilled with this episode. So much of the dramas and I still love how matured they have grown up. I wished I was just the same. Sigh~ Glee has distracted me... But I like how it feels.

Now I've stopped my blog's feed on my facebook's timeline. I require no attention from there. Maybe I'll turn it on somedays in the future (just to think the fact that I'll deactivate my account as soon as I graduated).

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