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Holidays.. Nice
Monday, May 28, 2012 | 5/28/2012 10:56:00 AM |
I've watched the season finale of glee last Saturday (01:44am) and I didn't cry. It's just reminiscent how I remembered the first time I fell in love with the casts so much I didn't want them to end. I could still hear my heavy breathing though waiting for the exact moment for my tears to drop LOL. But still I can't believe Finn would break up with Rachel! They have som much fun together and they should NOT break up! (but still I support Lea and Jessie St. James LOL)
It's nice to know they've made friends with each other finally and how they grew up so much though!Anyway... There's nothing much to do this holiday except for continuing my same routines each and everyday. This is holiday and I'm enjoying it full blast. I hardly can reply my friends' messages as my phone will always be missing somewhere on the edge of the room.

I've been singing karaoke all day long yesterday participating battles online - LOL. Now there's more to come today, I'll battle them more. #NiceHoliday

I've been to rosary prayers last night and it's been long since I realized how they have changed their prayers. Anyway, my cousin asked my advice for his future plan and I hope I did good. It's actually not an easy thing to do. The only advice I can give to him is to follow what he wanted to be. Did I do good??

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