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Thursday, May 17, 2012 | 5/17/2012 01:05:00 AM |

I've killed my own killing subject this semester despite the distraction I have in the examination hall this evening. My infatuation has finally became a nightmare to me. The one thing haunting me every dreams I have and now I'm trying my best to get rid of it. Anyway, it was a matter of luck and some spice of my memory but I think I've done my best for the paper. Chemistry is not that easy you know! My next paper would be on next Tuesday so I still have a lot of time to revise for those papers left. I haven't done anything today though I thought I would have my day break on. Would start cracking notes as soon as tomorrow.

I went to Akasia last night: an old hostel college of mine I've had so much memories of. I was glad to meet the old memories I have back then. :) Just a smile... Indeed, just a smirk of smile I can give to times like that (if you know what I mean).

Now that I have downloaded the latest Glee episode, I was dying to watch the next one. I like the props episode though. I love how Tina made a best friend out with Rachel. I love how Tina stood up for how much she deserve her solos. I love the song 'Because you loved me' that is why I put it on my blog. I'm so surprised how Tina can sing one of Celine Dion's hits. Her voice is getting better and I'm looking forward to seeing her performance as a female lead next season. My heart would still be on Rachel Berry (and of course Santana), but now that Tina has made me so turned on, I shall say I love her too. Please be aware that I have already known what songs they are performing for their Nationals (I've downloaded them). Rachel's ballad is going to kill the show! I can tell you that.

Something different? XD

Rachel berry and Tina Cohen-Chang

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