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My intruders
Saturday, May 05, 2012 | 5/05/2012 11:03:00 PM |
Well, exam is around the corner... 5 months have gone by and it felt like wind. Sigh~ A few more weeks and I'll have my holiday. Can't wait for that! I just don't have more moods to revise my lesson so these 2 days will going to be a peaceful resting time for the next week will I be sacrificing my body to crack up notes and stuffs 24/7. I hope no lecturers are going to enter our classes next week (come on, it's study week)... and if they do, I'm sorry but I'm afraid I have to pretend that they're not in the class. My killing subject this semester is of course SCE3109 Energy in Chemistry. The field of studies are indeed interesting but I found out that those are really hard to be understood.

BTW, I watched another movie last night...

The intruders (2011) is a french movie about a girl who continues to write a horror story left by her father and eventually the story is about to be true. Such a frightening one but I'd rather fall asleep. Going to watch it with mi familia this coming holiday. My wanna watch list movies for now:
  • The avengers
  • Cabin in the woods
  • The hunger games
Where I can only watch them next month. My choices are more to horror or thriller typed movies and I have plenty of those (and some of my friends did call me a freak for that - LOL). Science-fiction movies are always so cool too besides me falling for latest 3d animated movies. Comedies are worth to watch only when there're specific people acting in that particular movie... I'm talking about Robert Downey JR, Zach Gaalifianakis, Jim carrey, Adam sandlers... Bla3. I dislike Jake Blake cause all he do is this shouting thing and it hurts mi ear (Gulliver's travel is an exception)..

I'm wondering what we'll do this coming holiday. There's always something big for mi familia. I'm not expecting anything of course else than to have synchronized holidays between my siblings. BTW, can't wait to see our kittens... and of course the fishes... and dogs.. and my bike.. Such a long time since the very last day I've been on a ride...

That's all for now... Going to write another later.. :D have a nice weekend...

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