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A drop-in place
Thursday, June 21, 2012 | 6/21/2012 02:56:00 PM |

It’s 1:19 Am on 20 June and I’m reporting in. When it’s the third day of my colleagues, this is the second of mine (I think I’ve said this before). I can’t really access the internet right now but this entry will be posted later. I’m in the middle of my homesickness and this feeling is tiring me. It’s comfortable though but it’s just hard to forget home. There’s nothing much to remember back then but I think I lived my life last holiday. I am never going to repeat the same mistakes (I told myself that) but it’s just hard to fight back the feeling of enjoying the night times with the rest of the house. Maybe the next holidays might be different, I’ll try that. Now my friend told me that this term is going to be so short like a freaking inferno. November’s is waiting and there’s just a week for me to say hello. I look forward to that. I look forward to every counts I made for the next holiday instead.

I envy those who don’t suffer from homesickness. Although I made a view of them as if they never had a life in their own home and of course they love dramas. I don’t think they have anything much with their family but still I envy their safe feeling of not to be miss being there in their home. I envy my brother, he’s waiting for her graduation and I’m stuck here in this place. This is inconvenient but I still envy him. This is not my place, I have no heart here. I forged my life living in this place I labelled as a drop-in. I’ve to come back here every months of every year (until the next year when I finally don’t have to be here anymore) and I have to bring all of my stuffs just to survive here and I still don’t think I live. Tap this again; this place is just a drop-in! Home is where my heart is.


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