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Saturday, June 02, 2012 | 6/02/2012 12:45:00 AM |
Well hello people.. Is it June yet? I'm sorry I lost the track of time because of the booze I have yesterday LOL No I'm not really drinking (I mean daily) except for yesterday. There was this paddy planting stuffs and I was involved in some kind of family meeting. Looks like I have to get myself ready again for the biggest event in the history of my family. Looking forward to it.
Anyway, I just want to welcome June. The marriage month. :) I know I shouldn't stop having my concern in time tracking but we all had underwent the half year of 2012 and it was nothing. Time travels fast and so I hope I'm ready to grow up. Anyway, I've been enjoying singing lately since I have nothing much to do this holiday. I've been participating online karaoke battle with the rest of the world (I've been tweeting it all day) and finally I found the purpose of it: I mean singing something. It's better than showing off in front of everyone as I can't really sing well. :P Here's some results to brag LOL:

In case someone has their profile on that site, I wish for you to add me as friend and challenge me a song you know.

I'm out of enjoying movies so I'll download anything fun I found on the ImdB. #RDJ movies are hard to be found so I figured out Zach Galifianakis' might be a fun thing to watch since his talent is so making me ROTFLOL. I found this yesterday and it's not so hilarious. I like it though. :) The movie is based on crazy people and bla bla bla growing up bla bla bla handling stress bla bla bla. You might want to watch this. I love his shows and I just found it out recently.

More Zach please?

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