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Let it pour
Wednesday, July 04, 2012 | 7/04/2012 10:13:00 AM |
Good morning, this is the second time I've been blogging inside this library of mine (last time it was in 2009). I can repost the entry back if I want to but let's just say that I'm not into it. Life's hard sometimes. I'm short of money hoping that the allowance will be here sooner. Planning for the next BIG programm, as a leader I've been confiscated by the disease I'm having and of course the bullshits I've been given. Now let us just wait and be patient so I can manage this thing (and I mean faster).

Listening to Michael Buble's songs is making me more and more unaware of my surrounding. It makes me high (you know it's hard to get high recently with this running nose). BTW, I woke up so late today. Didn't actually intend to. It was cloudy (....and I'm feeling good) and I felt like home. I remembered waking up last night with rain pouring down heavily last night. Home is mouch cooler than that. It gets you to your spine and you'll shiver to death. Well I called home last night but it's nearly hard to rain there they said. I'm sure things will be different when I'm back.

As a student, I'm anxious about not having enough holidays to be enjoyed. Although 1 year is quite too long for someone who get bored easily like me, I still cherish the lasts of my days here. This is once in my lifetime and sometimes shit happens. These are shits... I mean the four years I'm living here? It's all shits... I'm bored for doing the same thing over and over again for nearly 4 years now. I need changes!

For reminder, our Cuti-cuti Malaysia are here...

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