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You are the HIGHLIGHT of my day
Saturday, July 28, 2012 | 7/28/2012 08:30:00 PM |
It's been a while since the last day I'm here in my hostel room. Life has been hard for the first week of my practicum days. I'm dying inside knowing that I have lots and lots of things to be done - as well as I have to listen to my housemate's moans. Everyone's busy and we kept it to ourself. Don't burden others by telling them ours. It's better confronting our problems and solve it rather than complaining it out loud the whole world can listen to it. I have my stress and you have yours, please keep it low.

Anyway, been to bazaar this evening with 3 of my wondergirls, Ann, Dera and Miss Jov and as usual I kept wasting my money buying lots of foods but never have the chance to finish eating them till they rot. I have this insecurity whenever I buy enough foods for the night, I'll finish them instantly and suddenly be hungry again for the whole night. That seldom happens to me but I still felt it that way. Sigh~ Tonight I'll be finishing one of my lesson plans before I continue watching a movie and go to sleep. I need to go to Church tomorrow cause I have much to tell God. That picture above was taken on our back. It was supposed to look like a hand - a high 5 hand.

and I saw my crush today... Don't need to say anything... since the last 5 days? I just miss to see your face LOL anyway baby, you highlighted my day!

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