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Lack of mood
Monday, August 27, 2012 | 8/27/2012 03:48:00 PM |
Yeah that should do the post. I don't have any mood now either to teach or to text anyone.. I texted too much last holiday and my thumb now hurts. This I think, was such a waste of time. I should have appreciated the precious moments last week not wasting them by just sleeping and doing shits I could barely remember. I need time (which I always say this) to stay calm and accept the reality I'm having now. Arrived safely at Kunak last 4 am and slept just then. I'm in the teacher's office right now listening to all the other veterans talking this and that to each other. The day went too fast I could still remember what I did yesterday at this exact moment. BTW, my friend is planning to come back to her homeland this Friday and I'm in doubt whether I should join her or not. Last time she took only 4 hours and a few minutes before we arrived my town and that scared the hell outta me. Looking from the bright side, I should be thankful she didn't waste much of my time. My big decision now is to join her just to save myself from being insufferable between me and this homesickness I'm having. My family is not going to agree this but somehow I lost too much from last holiday - you know... I kept repeating my mistakes and suddenly ended up regretting them all. Someone please just help me.

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