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My sudden incredible hulk moment
Tuesday, August 14, 2012 | 8/14/2012 05:12:00 PM |
Ahoy ahoy...
Tamat sesi persekolahan untuk hari ini and it doesn't seem to satisfy me. I have to be observed tomorrow and all I can think of now is how I've outburst my wrath to the kids. They became silent soon after I've turned into Hulk and it sadden me. I'm so much in regret right now. I didn't mean to scare them. It's just that... my patience has came into its limit and suddenly that. They're just kids of course they want to have fun. I have to loosen up a little! This is so wrong!

Dan akhirnya saya sudah mewartakan masalah saya kepada puan penyelia petang. Beliau hanya berdiam diri... Saya x peduli la apa laporan yang dia akan bagi sama my authorities but I've given my best to this school, especially for the kids. This phase of practical has been too overwhelming for me. That's all... I'm waiting for holidays...

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