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Something new to learn
Thursday, August 16, 2012 | 8/16/2012 01:16:00 AM |
It's 1 something AM now and I can't get back to sleep. Thinking that I'll be home next Friday has made me so excited I can't even sleep (barely). Although today was a tiring bastard one for me, I still manage to do the best for my kids. I didn't expect much for my practical (as usual) because when it comes to teaching, all I can think about is how well can my kids get something from me. I need them to learn something, not just because I need a better grade for my course - that's totally out of my thoughts. I've been observed today and it went well. I like my guiding lecturer. She's one of a kind. I learned a lot from her today and I like that. She's too kind to share her ideas (instead of criticizing my teaching). I like it when I get something new to learn for my day: I still need to understand the world better.

Now what amazed me today was the one time I've been asked to settle down 2 kids fighting with each other. I blurred for once the moment the security guards sent me those kids (there were lots of other veteran teachers there in the office and why me?) and what makes it more challenging was when one of the kids' parent came together with them. I didn't realize I've been settling things calmly until the moment I told them to apologize each other. Somehow I still need to investigate their case before jumping into a preciser conclusion and I know I should thank my primary school experience. I learned all bitter sweet of kids life there that's how I think I handled the situation. In case we need to teach something to someone, we have to be in their shoes too - that's how we understand our kids better, right?. LOL Have I been ranting much as if I know everything? Just a thought just a thought.

But of course holiday is nearing. I shall cherish the days I'm having with my family. Love them!

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