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Bad or worse, I still want you
Saturday, September 15, 2012 | 9/15/2012 12:13:00 AM |
Here's a thing of how should you treat me when we declared ourselves being in a relationship. I need to be respected as how I'm treating you now. I don't mind how you see yourself, the most important thing is to have a nice warm heart. Not just to be shared with me but also with other people. You see... treatment is all we cared about being in a serious commitment. I can feel it when you still send me a picture of yourself but then posting it on your Facebook wall? That's degrading my belief on you. It's not special to have a shared picture... and please when you send me one, send an authentic copy of yourself. Don't edit something somewhere. I need a genuinely original face not wanting even a single layer of unwanted colour on it. I want to get to know you well, that's how we decided about that. Be aware that I don't actually demand anything (it's just that I want the truth). I'm a simple person. I don't need you to change yourself so that I can sum up all of my feeling for you, NO. I see you for who you are, bad or worse that's you! There's nothing to be ashamed of living your life as how you were born.

P/s: Change that word 'I' to yourself.


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