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Tuesday, October 30, 2012 | 10/30/2012 03:04:00 AM |
The fact that I'm suffering headache is so killing me now. I didn't actually remember anything today (though I've sit my first paper: English Teaching Methodology For Younger Learners). I've been striving too much my body can't handle shits. I'm looking forward to my holidays but my next paper is coming up so better put all my attention towards that. My influenza is at its peak (I don't say?)... Haven't felt better since the past few weeks and now this fever is seemingly coming. Barely fighting with myself!

Now the moon is actually very bright tonight. Some say it's the Hunter's moon and also others called it Harvest moon (I don't actually know why) but I just love how right it is. It's killing me to barely gaze it from here and the most killing part is knowing that there's only 1 full moon phase for my next holiday (Only be willing to approve the November's). Crap! Enjoying shits like this should be better felt if I was at home.

Okay so.. I guess I'll be sleeping now... See you again Full moon...

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