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Saturday, October 13, 2012 | 10/13/2012 04:04:00 PM |
next post for today since I've told myself that I have lots of thing to be written down... Just in case someone read this, I enjoyed how much I've been spreading my individualism publicly.. My weeks before were seemingly disastrous... I have to pass up 3 different projects at the same time and still I have 4 more to be finished (which is not mine) for the veteran teachers. I didn't put a lot of my effort to those since I have my brother back at home. He graduated last Monday (I guess) and still I should thank him for helping. We chatted yesterday and he told me his posting is yet to be known today. I shall call home by that (probably by this night).

Examination is around the corner and amazingly I've wasted such a lot of my time playing DoTa... I guess I haven't prepared myself for another stressful things just yet. I watched Smash again and noticed a new song I missed to memorize... yeah this is me.. When I'm fond to a music I'll start memorizing it right away. 

I like this the blues this song carries. Although it really does sound depressing but I still love listening to it.. Mostly because I love Smash..

Anyway... I envy my seniors... I saw one of them today and realized right away that they only have a few weeks to be spent here. I want that feel! Sigh~ right away sooner.... 

I'm bored... Will play another round of DoTa before I start doing shits...
So long

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