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Wednesday, January 09, 2013 | 1/09/2013 06:21:00 PM |
I'm fine now that my thesis has been approved (it's just the title but still it means a lot). I'm coping with my homesickness recently. Sometimes I became to much of a reminiscent and suddenly all the flashback of my holidays come into this very state of mind. I miss my holidays but I can barely recall them all. There's this one time when I will stare the walls for nothing - just a fact that those memories started to float around. I just look forward to next year where I don't have to think about all these stuffs now (will going to be missing them though) and start living my days back to black.

As usual the sunset scenery inside my room blued me. Next full moon will be on 27th of Jan... I will surely not going to miss gazing that. I printed a schedule of the phases (as usual) and of course it means a lot to gaze the moon for me.

Will struggle hardly tonight as I have my first draft to be taken care of. I need ideas but I don't think sleeping would help it. It has been a tiring day because we went to the nearest school today for the course's practical (and I wore blue - as blue as how important that is to me). Been working together with the preschool kids. It's been long since the last day I taught anyone. Miss to teach anyway. LOL

There's another few months to carve a history here in Tawau and I will surely never going to waste that. Now back to work and everything... 

P/s: Is this my first entry for the new year? Geez, I should have listed my resolutions first. Maybe later...

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