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Problem that won't last long
Monday, January 21, 2013 | 1/21/2013 03:53:00 PM |
Hello, it's been long since my last post (quite using that phrase for an introduction) LOL. Now that I have someone to talk and listen to everyday, I seldom blog. Ehem, not that I've forgotten what I'm fond to but let's just say I've found my other side - and I'm currently happy with it. Anyway, my last phase of practicum has finally started today. It's nothing to write about since nothing was interesting except that I've got lots of practicum members and finally I didn't have time to be bored. I actually have works to do now but printing and writing stuffs won't bother me much. I love the new school. The pupils are so friendly and so as some of the teachers. Maybe half of them still need time to get used to with a lot of teacher trainees coming and stealing their works - LOL. I've received a few bad news today and I'm thinking about plans to cope with them. Sigh... Not that I have to manage my finance wisely, I still have to pay loads of stuffs... I hope that will not last longer than I'm imagining. And holidays? Don't dare talk about them!

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