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S.A.D and Valentine's day for a single
Thursday, February 14, 2013 | 2/14/2013 05:47:00 PM |
Hello and good day to you all,
It's Valentine's day and I never expect I'll be celebrating it this year. There's a room full of chocolates and cakes and roses inside of me even though I can't really be there with my special one. It has always been that way but no sweat, I can afford another year. The main point is anyway... Every now and then , I was actually preparing myself to listen to this:

Take a close read to the lyric:

"S.A.D (Single Awareness Day)"

I feel that I should tell ya
A warning to prepare you
About this song, it's when love goes wrong, but I'll carry on

I gotta keep it real
Of how I really feel
About this day, I don't want it to stay, so please go away

When cupid aimed his arrow at me
He missed by a 100,000 feet

This ain't a song about love, it's the actually opposite I'm thinkin' of
I don't care about the cards, or candy hearts, oh no no no I'll tell you right from the start
Oh, reminds of how I don't have a date, the 14th of February gets in the
way cause for me, It's Single Awareness Day

With all the red and pink
It's just so hard to think
Oh why should I care, about what I should wear, for nobody who's there

I need love,
I need you
I need some one to hold me too

I need love
It's so true
I need ya to say I love you


S.A.D No valentine for me
And Imma be alright if you could only see
That today's just a day and if it's meant to be
There's always next year, just wait and see


So, I was curious last year and I eventually Googled this day. Here's what I found,

"Singles Awareness (or AppreciationDay" (S.A.D.) is a humorous holiday, celebrated on February 14 (although some prefer the 13th or the 15th to get away from the commercialism associated with the 14th). It serves as an alternative to Valentine's Day for people who are single, that is, not involved in a romantic relationship. Some people who observe S.A.D. do so out of spite for Valentine's Day, as a Hallmark holiday, or for other reasons.

On Singles Awareness Day, single people gather to celebrate or to commiserate in their single status. Some want to remind romantic couples that they don't need to be in a relationship to celebrate life.

Common activities during Singles Awareness Day include, single events, traveling, volunteering, treating oneself to popular activities, gathering of family and friends, and gift giving for oneself. One increasingly popular activity is to travel to Brazil and witness the Brazilian Carnival, coupled with the fact that Brazil doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14, but in June. Both factors provide a temporary getaway from the Valentine's holiday and substitute it with another celebration.

On this day many people wear green, as it is considered to be the 'opposite' of red. Another popular option is an absence of color (black), to symbolize an absence of celebration.

This goes all out to me when I was supposed to be single. I didn't hail being alone of course that would be rude and pathetic. I just happen to appreciate the sense of being all by myself (used to be). Now that I'm full of chocolates and roses, I wasn't forgetting how exasperating it feels to just put a crush on someone else and be a creepy stalker. That is why I can still memorize every words in this song. Amazingly I'm not regretting not being there with my significant other today. This is a transition (I suppose). It's my finale season of getting my degree and I never could have thought I would breath the air of love before going out of here. So fellas, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO YOU or S.A.D? The hell with being aware your're alone, being single doesn't mean you can't celebrate the day. I celebrated it all the whole previous year. The only difference is it would be much more special to have someone so dear in your heart and that's for sure. Happy mode activated!

P/s: and people, if you don't appreciate celebrating V day, that's your loss and I don't care. I'm sick of arguments.

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