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Monday, February 18, 2013 | 2/18/2013 05:34:00 PM |

  Dirly - Sampai penghujung dunia  Cinta ini menggelisahkan akuMembuat aku gilaAndai kita terpisahMati rasa-rasaku... 
Cinta ini membodohkan akuMenutup akal sehatkuAndai engkau tak di sisiRisau isi jiwaku 
* Selama kau belum jadiMilikku yang utuhAku akan slalu milikimuSelama bumi masih kan terus berputarAku akan selalu menujumuWalau ke ujung dunia 
Cinta ini membodohkan akuMenutup akal sehatkuAndai kita terpisahMati rasa-rasaku...  Sometimes songs can be a great way to express your feeling. I'm currently listening to this song and realized how much it means for me. It's not that worst and jiwang karat actually but I just happen to appreciate how much it conveys the meaning of being seperated miles away having that everyday's doubt to exist. The chorus would be imposible, but I'll venture the world to make shits come true. LOL Just enjoy the song would you?

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