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My Christmas' Histories
Thursday, June 27, 2013 | 6/27/2013 09:11:00 PM |
I miss Christmas. It's been long I haven't enjoyed one because of the thought that I still have a week of holiday till I get myself packed going back. I realized the last one I celebrated to  my extent, passed by. Next Christmas, I'm gonna enjoy the holidays like I haven't got one before. It's been a long fine road being here and yet I struggled. I don't think it's too early to say this but I really miss Christmas - the joy of the day, the  family gathering, the jinggle songs etc etc.  To think about it, I missed 5 seasons already and frankly I haven't celebrated any of them with the real joyful spirit. Let me get this straight...
2008 - I didn't remember a thing here... Will get back to this later.

2009 - Went to poring a few days before Christmas with le cousins and family, celebrated Christmas in my Grandpa's house and I went home early. I guess I wasn't in the mood of seizing the moments. We celebrated New Year's eve in 2 different places and I can't remember what's next.

2010 - Celebrated Christmas at my dad's work place in Penampang. The tequila was fine but I spent most of the night with my siblings wandering the place and ended up playing video games until 6 am in the morning with my brothers. It's a no life thing I know. 2 nights before the New Year day, I went for a wedding reception from one of our neighbours. Too drunk to remember what's next but I did sing a duet with my father. LOL. I didn't enjoy the New Year's day much since my brother was not around. We set fire at the backyard and I'm in the right moment of sigh thinking that I'm going to leave all those a few more days afterward.

2011 - Celebrated Christmas back in our house. It was a small gathering. I baked and suddenly slept at 3 pm. I was too tired with all the motorbike riding. It's a blue Christmas really. Somehow I couldn't forget the New year's eve. The family almost went to Tambunan that night but we siblings changed our plan. When our parents still went there with just the two of them, the children took the chance to conquer the house. It was an unusual celebration with just us and some of our cousins being there. I wasn't drinking because I didn't find the liqueur they bought suits me. I ended up singing karaoke songs until the next day.

2012 - Celebrated Christmas at my Grandfather's house until 3 am in the morning. I conquered the karaoke sets ignoring who gave a damn about my singing. LOL. Went to Keningau a few days later and then back to celebrating New year with all of the big family in my uncle's house. Too drunk to remember the rest of it.

2013? Well there's more to come. I am solemnly waiting for what's holding on to me. I swear I'm going to enjoy this year's like it's my last. LOL. Until the next Christmas post, adieu~

P/s: That's me during my Botak's season LOL 2011

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