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Sunday, July 14, 2013 | 7/14/2013 08:36:00 PM |
I'm holding a few minutes over my Action Research report listening to this song:

The fact that Cory Monteith is dead really strikes me. I grew up my teenage 2 years living with his act and his singing. Although I'm not a recent Glee's big fan, I still cherish their previous casts. The fact that I used to be a major die hard fan of their casts is actually not a history. I still fall in love within each episodes when it comes to watching their first 2 seasons. I wasted my holidays 3 years ago memorizing lyrics from each and every songs I can find in the casts. He was one of the major reason why I stayed long on the cast plus I'm not the only one who fell in love with them. Even I've made my siblings did the same. We've covered some of their song and eventually they became our Christmas theme song. I literary want to cry when I heard the news. Cory has been a great singer - a real one to render a song I can totally relate to. I hope his soul rests in peace. My prayers will always be with him.

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