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Page 365 From The Book of 2017
Sunday, December 31, 2017 | 12/31/2017 03:54:00 AM |
I haven't written a thing this year (although there are a few unpublished drafts saved on my dashboard). I might have gone pretty much occupied and the state of having a significant other in my life has actually changed my course to the other direction. I have nothing much to say here. I initially wanted to review my year of 2017 but there's actually nothing much to be talked about. I'm still working in that interior school and I am getting used to with it except for the fact that it rendered my intellect moot. I've been taking a lot of courses and concurred to some outstation duties just to expand my mind so that I won't have to debate that this 'working in an interior place yields thousand experiences' could actually be a consent. I refuse to use my experiences as a weapon of battering tool. There are lots of great people out there and I'm well aware that I still need more acquiring to reach to that level - and I'm willing to do that for the sake of self-improvement.

My journal this year has been mostly empty. I've spent all my leisure sleeping and resting because that's the only free time I'll ever gonna get. This year has been exhausting, both physically and mentally. I wonder how did I get pass through with it all but I actually did and I'm moderately proud of myself (because after all the reflections made, I still think I could do better). One of my resolution every year is to achieve something in my life (career wise). Even if it's something small, it will still appear as a blotch to prove that I'm relatively developing.

I'm hoping for the best next year - professionally and personally.

This will be my only (and last) entry for 2017. 2018 comprises a lot of new adventures ahead. Let's buckle up and say cheers to this final page.

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