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Love of my life
Thursday, January 12, 2012 | 1/12/2012 01:15:00 PM |

I'm waiting for this coming 3 PM cause we have another meeting to be done. My rhinorrea became barely killing me this morning but I've made brave myself to accept the pain.

Anyway, my interest of writing today should be about all those love of my life. In this rotten world we're living nowadays, relationship became such an insecure needs for me. I didn't really embrace having relationship as a crucial needs of a human. In fact, I seldom have time to realize myself to be in a real committed relationship with someone. Of course I have lots and lots of things to take care of. My family as an example, is a very important source of security feel. I have to think about them a lot first before putting someone else in my empty (shall I say) heart.

Of course marriage is important for a very fine young man like me but how enormous our world is made me want to treasure every pieces of its lands day by day. I plan huge (more to dream) and I really want to make it possible sooner or later.

by the age of 35 I must have myself full filled my bucket lists... and if marriage be an obstacle for me to capture my dreams, screw it. There are the almighty Grand Canyon waiting for me to discover its perfection, the highest mountain on earth I shall venture, the magnificent waterfalls of angel tears and so fort so forth. See? I don't really expect myself staying under this tempurung mind. I need to see outside!

GLUCK for me myself!

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