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The Occult
Monday, February 13, 2012 | 2/13/2012 10:03:00 PM |
10 Pm and I still haven't slept yet. Gosh why am I pushing myself so hard thinking about complicated things? I have to wake up early tomorrow cause there's this program I have to attend. Haven't called home about this maybe tomorrow I will. I really want to post something about tomorrow's Valentine's day but I just couldn't. All I can think now is about seeing everyone's faces tomorrow greeting Happy Valentine's day to each other and I'll stay perfectly still on the corner of the room like this:

Screw that!

Anyway, I've watched a few more religious based movies recently and one of them is about exorcism. Now it reminded me of a late hobby my brother and I used to have. We used to conduct researches so much about demonology and I've printed some of the articles found. My brother has also bought us some books about that and one of them consists of real stories told by several priests (who remains nameless). Exorcism, as what have we researched is not just a silly story you can past just like that. There lies thousands of mysteries beneath them and they are yet to be discovered. If I was to advise my friend, I'll say 'Don't take it for granted'. Satan and Demons are real, believe me!

And also, not all priests can perform exorcism and it's true to have that demon's name first before conducting the occult...

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